About us



The management of TINSA Ltd. defines its policy of conformity assessment to achieve interoperability of the national railway system with the railway system within the European Union, based on the internationally accepted documents and established practice. Working with highly qualified specialists and partners ratified in their professional careers, TINSA Ltd. focuses on goals to:

  • Competently provide services in accordance with the regulations and contract conditions. Staff competence is based on proven knowledge and abilities to use it;
  • Keep and raise the confidence of clients by means of independent, impartial and objective conformity assessment to achieve interoperability of the national railway system with the trans-European railway system and to be accepted within the common European market. The resolution of TINSA Ltd. for issuing a verification certificate is based on objective proofs and is not influenced by other parties and interests;
  • Keep an official secret concerning the information received or created during the verification activities and conformity assessment by the whole personnel including committees or external individuals, working on behalf of TINSA Ldt.;
  • Not discriminate, restrict or prevent the access of the candidates for conformity assessment. Access to assessment within the declared scope of work of TINSA Ltd. does not depend on any financial conditions, staff number, membership of professional and branch organizations;
  • Develop and maintain competitive advantages on the grounds of quality, price and satisfaction of the customers and partners.
  • Ensure open public access to the information for its activities through its Web site. Provide to the parties concerned information, which is not an official secret;

The indicated goals, which TINSA Ltd. follows in its working process, guarantee the trust of all interested parties and give a guarantee that the verification and the conformity assessment meet all European and national rules/legislation.

Gergana Karaalanova – GENERAL MANAGER