Inspection Body

As of 17.04.2015 TINSA Ltd. is an accredited Inspection Body, type A and holds a Certificate of Accreditation No. 182 OKA, issued by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service Executive Agency.

The scope of accreditation is “Railway infrastructure” with the following Inspection activities:


  1. Geometrical parameters of the railway track;
  2. Bridges;
  3. Electrical Safety and Earthing.


Tests of the railway track’s geometrical parameters are performed by the modernized track measuring laboratory “PLASSER & THEURER” EM-120, owned by TINSA EOOD, which is intended for measuring of the railway track’s geometrical parameters in a loaded state.

ЕМ 120 Photo

Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS)

The Track Geometry Measurement System is contactless, inertial system designed to measure main track geometry parameters under loaded conditions in full compliance with the EN 13848 and the national rules. The system is installed on measurement vehicle operating on the standard track gauge (1435mm). TGMS is composed of two pairs of optical boxes and an inertial measurement unit. Each pair of the optical boxes is dedicated to one rail for the external and internal rail profile generation. Five main parameters are measured: Track gauge, Longitudinal level of each rail individually, Track twists, Track position in plane and Track cant. An individual chanel is generated for each of the measured parameters and the measured values are stored in the corresponding chanel. Each chanel could be visualized graphically by the multigraph, according to the necessity and tables are generated for the registered disturbancies.

Integrated systems for Quality Management (QMS), for Environmental Management and for Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSMS), according to standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007, are developed, adopted and certified for the activities of the Inspection Body. The management policies of these systems are documented in:

Modernization of the track measuring laboratory includes not only a new TGMS, but installation of the following brand new systems:

  • Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS);
  • Track Component Video Inspection System (TCVIS);
  • Clearance Profile Measurement System (CPMS).

All systems are integrated and perform simultaneous measurement, synchronized by a positioning system.

Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS)

RPMS measures the whole rail profile in real time. System works with the previously defined rail profiles and definition of the specicfic profile is also possible. The measurement exams the vertical and horizontal deterioration of the rail for the previously defined rail profile. The measurement accuracy is ±0,5 mm.

Track Component Video Inspection System (TCVIS)

TCVIS is designed to monitor track components such as rail, ballast, fasteners and joints through video inspection. The system utilizes a set of linear cameras and LED illuminators to create a continuous stream image of the entire track and its components in the specified measurement range.

Clearance Profile Measurement System (CPMS)

The clearance profile measurements are carried out by the rotary scanner. The rotary scanner is a contactless measurement instrument with a 360° visual field that measures the position of the structures adjacent to the track with reference to the center of the track coordinates.