September 2013
On Sep. 11th, 2013 TINSA Ltd. was granted Permit No 002-1 for implementation of activities upon conformity assessment of Subsystems Energy, Infrastructure, CCS and part of Subsystem Rolling Stock, Self-propelled Rail Vehicles for track gauge 1435 mm, against the requirements of the National Safety Rules and/or Technical rules.

July 2012
On 18 July 2012 TINSA Ltd. obtained Permit Νо1/04.07.2012 for implementation of activities on conformity assessment and verivication with the requirements for interoperability of “Infrastructure”, “Energy” and “Control-Command and Signalling” subsystems.

June 2012
On 12 June 2012 TINSA Ltd. obtained the statute of Notified Body – NB 2387 in the NANDO system as per Directive 2008/57/ЕC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community.

January 2012
The Executive Agency “Railway Administration” submitted in the European Commission a registration form to receive a registration number of TINSA Ltd. in the NANDO system as a Notified Body, according to Directive 2008/57/ЕО.

November 2011
TINSA Ltd. obtained a Permit No 002/07.11.2011 for implementation of activities on conformity assessment of a subsystem or a part of it with the requirements of the national safety rules or the technical rules No 002/07.11.2011, issued by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.

September 2010 – November 2011
TINSA Ltd operates in line with the ratified documents of the management system according to BDS EN ISO/IEC 17021 and BDS EN 45011, provides periodical trainings for the staff, updates its documentation in accordance with the introduced new editions of the standardized documents and the accepted TSI for conformity assessment, and is in preparation to implement real activity in conformity assessment and EC-verification.

September 2010
TINSA Ltd. applied in the Executive Agency “Railway Administration” for a license to implement EC-verification of “infrastructure”, “energy” and “control, command and signaling” structural subsystems.

January 2010 – September 2010
A management system was developed and introduced in accordance with the standards BDS EN ISO/IEC 17021 and BDS EN 45011 and Regulation No 57 dated 9 of June, 2004.

Procedures were developed providing overall verification in conformity with the Technical specifications for interoperability relating to the conventional railway lines of subsystems “infrastructure”, “energy” and “control, command and signaling”, as well as “aspect safety in railway tunnels” and “aspect accessibility for persons with reduced mobility”. A highly qualified team having experience of many years in the railway transport sphere and familiar with the requirements for implementation of subsystems EC-verification was set up.

January 2010
TINSA Ltd. – a limited liability company with private capital was registered, with the purpose to prepare the organization and create the first Bulgarian Notified Body under Directive 2008/57/ЕО of the European Parliament and the Council concerning the railway system interoperability within the Community and the Regulation No 57 dated 9 of June, 2004 for achieving interoperability of the national railway system with the railway system within the European Union.